These are technical documents, they are only concerned with what and how. Specifics of who and when are contained in the git logs. This blog post explains why and where:


The user discovery later aims to provide useful features that enable users and 3rd party applications to discover government resources. It is currently in pre-ALPHA status, meaning a working technical assessment, not yet considered suitable for public use (even by “early-adopters”).

digraph d {
   node [shape="rectangle" style=filled fillcolor=white];

   pui [label="user\ninterface" shape=ellipse fillcolor=green];
   api [label="API" shape=ellipse fillcolor=green];

   subgraph cluster_app {
      label="discovery service"
      nginx [label="reverse\nproxy"];
      app [label="apps" shape=folder];
   subgraph cluster_support {
      label="supporting tools";
      mt [label="metadata\nmanagement"];

   pui -> nginx;
   api -> nginx;

   bs [label="backing\nservices" fillcolor=lightgrey];
   pub [label="public\ndata" shape=folder fillcolor=green];
   pub -> mt [dir=back];
   pub -> crawler [dir=back];
   pub -> worker [dir=back];
   crawler -> bs;
   nginx -> app -> bs;
   nginx -> bs;
   worker -> bs;

TODO: define each box in the above diagram